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Fosy's aim is to provide a realistic alternative to real fur. we do not support the fur trade in any way. Sign up for our newsletter and get 20% off your next 2 orders! see link at top right of page.


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3 in 1 Snood Hat

This is Fosy's latest and most popular new product to date! Every one loves it at the shows as soon as they touch it! It's a snood that transforms into a beaney or a bobble style hat and is the softest most cuddly neck warmer or hat you will ever own! Made from a super soft fluffy fabric, this gorgeous pom pom warm neck warmer keeps you cosy on the slopes all day and then turns into a stylish hat to cover up your helmet hair for a bit of apres ski! PLEASE NOTE: there has been a change of fabric since this photo, the new fabric is even softer and is machine washable, it's just not as shaggy!  Don't worry though it was a great hit at the ski show and real touchy feely must have product!

How does it work?

As a neck warmer the double thickness part goes around your chin. To make into a beaney, simply pull the cord tight, do a single knot and you have it! To make into a bobble hat, pull the cord, tie a single knot, then a bow (just like show laces) pulling the bow until the bobbles come together, then tie another single knot to stop it slipping.  Then turn up the edge to fit your head. This is a super cute look! 

Fabric is washable and can be tumbled dried too! (pom poms are removable).

At the moment this product is only available in cream but you can choose from light coloured pom poms or darker ones when you order.