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Fosy's aim is to provide a realistic alternative to real fur. We do not support the fur trade in any way. Sign up for our newsletter and get 20% off your next 2 orders! see link at top right of page.

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About Us: 
Fosy (formerly fosi) creator Barbara Lees has been skiing since she was a teenager. She has worked as a ski instructor (more of a hobby) but has a strong business background, having run several small businesses for many years and worked in a variety of business support roles in the higher education sector. 

"It is only in recent years that I have become more safety conscious.  I am fortunate never to have had a head injury whilst skiing but I am now only too aware of the dangers, having been witness to some nasty accidents.  And of course, we all know the sad story of Natasha Richardson, who may possibly have been alive today if she had been wearing a helmet.  Even so, I am ashamed to say that I only started wearing a helmet a few years ago when, having taken up snowboarding, I was taking painful nose dives far too often!  If I am honest, the main reason I didn't wear one was pure vanity.  I had a selection of stylish hats in which I felt good and found helmets to be most unflattering.  So, faced with the need to wear one, I set about making my helmet more aesthetically pleasing and hence the Fosi collection was born.

About the Fosy

The Fosy Helmetband is an interchangeable accessory which turns any helmet 'From Drab to Fab in Seconds!'

Why do you need one?

Well of course you don't need one but if you really don't like how helmets look then they make them look a whole lot better! Its amazing how much of a difference it makes, the main reason helmets are so unflattering is the harsh line around the face and the fosi simply softens the line and changes that the dome shape that the helmet gives you! 

Special Editions and One-offs

Do you run a ski club, retail outlet, ski school or ski group? Since we manufacture in the UK, we have the facility to make bespoke products which will set you apart from the crowd.  Imagine being able to spot everyone in your ski school with a distinctive yellow or stripey Fosy on their helmet.  Perhaps your retail outlet would like its own special range, unique to you? If so, give us a call for a quote. 
We have decided to limit the numbers of Fosi's made in each colour to create a Limited Edition range which we will regularly update, making your Fosy even more individual to you!   

Fosy Originals have a strong policy on animal welfare and therefore all of our products are made from high quality faux fur. We do not support the fur trade in any way and have sourced the best quality faux fur we could find, to give our products a natural fur look without any suffering caused to our furry friends.

Fosi changed to Fosy from May 2013! As a result of opposition to our trade mark from Fossill, we were obliged to change our trademark, brand and trading name to Fosy Originals from May 2013. However this won't affect the quality of our products or service.