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Fosy's aim is to provide a realistic alternative to real fur. We do not support the fur trade in any way. Sign up for our newsletter and get 20% off your next 2 orders! see link at top right of page.

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About the Fosy

The Fosy is a simple attachment that fits around almost any helmet; one size fits all.  It doesn't cover the whole helmet so the vents are clear and there is no adverse affect on the safety or functionality. It comes in a growing variety of materials and colours and has a non-slip lining and two simple fixing points to ensure it stays in place whatever the weather.  We have spent time making sure that the fit and design is just right and we make all of our products in the UK so we can ensure that materials are always durable and of the highest quality.  

We have applied for a patent and Registered Designs to protect both our products and our brand. As far as we are aware, the Fosy is quite unique so we hope you like it!    

Your Fosy should fit snuggly around any standard ski helmet, even those with small peaks. Simply follow the instructions below or on the packaging and your helmet will turn from 'Drab to Fab' in seconds! The Fosy has a non-slip lining and should stay in place whatever the weather. However, if you wish to make it more secure whilst wearing goggles you can also use the hook and loop fastener supplied as instructed here.

How to Fit your Fosy 

1. Select the appropriate colour fastener as supplied with your Fosy and attach this to the centre front of the helmet, approximately 2cm above the rim.




2. Attach the Fosy band to your helmet and use your helmet rear goggle fastener to secure the Fosy over the top band of elastic only. 


3. Pull the Fosy down to the base to cover the rim of the helmet.

(On instructions received with a Helmetband it quotes 'Use the hook and loop fastener as supplied with your Fosy', this is basically the 'velcro' part on the inside of the Fosy, 


What about goggles? How do they fit on?

Yes you can still wear your goggles, they look best fitted underneath the band but you can also fit them on after.  You may need to adjust the size slightly to allow for the Fosy but they do still fit.  However, our research (and experience) has found that the majority of women prefer to wear sunglasses when skiing unless the weather is really bad, and as you can see from our photos, the Fosy looks great with a bit of bling!   

What if the Fosy won't fit my helmet?  

So far, we have not found an adult helmet that the Fosy won't fit.  However, as we manufacture in the UK, we do have the facility to make 'one-offs' or 'special edition' runs.  If you would like more info on this service, then just call us for details.