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Fosy's aim is to provide a realistic alternative to real fur. we do not support the fur trade in any way. Sign up for our newsletter and get 20% off your next 2 orders! see link at top right of page.


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Panther Helmetband

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Like the other luxury furs Black Panther has a real wow factor! The long black fur has a lustre and varies in tone and shade from dark grey to jet black making it look less harsh than if it were purely black. Panther matches just about any colour ski outfit but please note that due to its nature, the tones can vary, it is not a uniform colour.  As with all the helmet bands it comes with a non-slip faux suede lining and a simple, secure fixing system.

This stylish and innovative helmet band fits almost any adult helmet, transforming it from 'drab to fab' in seconds!  It can be easily attached using the helmet’s existing goggle fastening, which fits over the elastic at the back. There is also an additional piece of sticky Velcro included which can be fixed to the front of the helmet if you should need it. 

Made in England exclusively for Fosi Originals using the highest quality, durable faux fur and finishing.

Mixed fibres (Acrylic, Mod-acrylic, Polyester). Lining: 100% Polyester.

One size fits all adult and larger childrens helmets from 54cm +

Please note: Due to the fact that this faux fur is made to look as natural as possible, the colours can vary slightly according to which part of the fabric it is cut from. A matching tail can be purchased separately to compliment the helmet band and add a touch of fun! 

Also available in Panther are:

Scarves, snoods, boot toppers, boot liners, headbands and wrist cuffs.

Care of your Fosy products: We do recommend that you dry clean all our products to extend their life but they will all handwash with care in warm soapy water.

*Fosy aims to provide a realistic alternative to real fur products. We do not support the fur trade in any way.